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Kids Section
This Page is for kids, exercises, articles, quizes all the stuff to keep our kids engaged and informed.

Mina Puzzle
Word Search 01
Word Search 02
Word Search 03
Word Search 04
Word Search 05
Word Search 06
Word Search 07
Word Search 08
Word Search 09
Word Search 10
Maze 001
Maze 002
Maze 003
Maze 004
Maze 005
Maze 006
Spot the difference 01
Spot the difference 02
Quiz: Prophet Muhammad (p.b.h.u.)
Quiz Part 01
Quiz Part 02
Quiz Part 03
Quiz Part 04
Quiz Part 05
Drawing / Activities:
Drawing 01
Drawing 02
Drawing 03
Drawing 04
Drawing 05
Drawing 06
Drawing 07
Drawing 08
Interesting Books!
Noorani Qaida
Tajweed Qaida
Lets learn to recite the quran
Aasan Namaz
Important Information We Should know
The Sunnah Way of Cutting Nails
Christian Muslim Prophet names

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